new website... again!

on 2023-03-05

but.. why?

rebuilt my website again but this time based around the zola static site generator which allows me to write blogs easier also because it's written in Rust. originally i just wanted my website to look cool and then be a blog as a secondary thing but i think this redesign might stick.


i mayyy go back to the old redesign but that's a lot of effort to rewrite an entire theme from "scratch". i'm currently using archie-zola as the theme. i wanted to use terminimal but i already know someone that is using that theme and i don't want them to think i'm just copying off of them. also, i really like how this one actually shows the little header things in the blog post.

what's next?

i'm going to eventually add a projects tag to put both of my ongoing projects, tehda, a wofi replacement in Rust, and minne, a little todo application using a tui interface. tehda it has very basic functionality, you can search and run things, but we're working on adding a bunch including theming, different modes, etc. minne is currently my personal project. i made it because i wanted to have a todo list but i didn't like over overbearing taskwarrior looked and i just wanted something to be a little reminder without a ton of features. i also looked at todoist but it felt like wayyy too much.

update on

i'm planning on reworking this, dw. i'm still not sure if i want it to be only ascii art or if i want to expand it to just being collection of cool miku images. i might accept pull requests on the website's repository a little something like cat-milk/Anime-Girls-Holding-Programming-Books except not with an intentionally bad naming scheme. i may also better integrate it with the main site instead of having it on it's own subdomain, maybe moving it to instead.

that's all for now, have a good day! :3