updates and security!

  • 29th Sep 2023
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comment system??

yeah! if you scroll down to the bottom you'll see a neat little embed for hyvortalk comments. theoretically i'd do something else that's self hosted but i think this will do for now, plus! it does moderation for me which is good for someone who barely posts. EDIT: i've got something that's self hosted now! hopefully i don't have to deal with a bunch of spam but i don't think i will have to. honestly, hyvortalk was perfectly fine but i wasn't aware that it was a paid service when i first used it

security??? it's a static website you dummy

honestly, i just wanted the A+ on mozilla observatory but it's also because of the newly implemented comments. it doesn't really do anything right now but if i were to move to a self hosted thing in the future, i wouldn't have to worry about XSS attacks against a... docker container. yeah i think it's overkill but it's good experience regardless!

anyways that's all for now, see you later!